Welcome, Students!

University Baptist Church is located directly across Lane Avenue from Taylor Tower on the north edge of the Ohio State campus. We are ideally located for students who live in the residence halls and in the surrounding neighborhood. We hope that when you are looking for a church that will give you an opportunity to grow as a person and to do some good in the world, you will look to UBC.


At UBC you will find expressions of faith that respect your intelligence, take seriously your questions and concerns, and offer you a chance to take action to promote peace and justice. You will find a congregation that is becoming more and more diverse in race, ethnicity, nation of origin, sexuality, and gender identity. We seek to live out a progressive theology that affirms all people and is open to many different understandings of God and the life of faith.

If you are tired of churches that promote hate and belligerence and impose political and theological litmus tests before you will be accepted, we invite you to check us out. It’s always a come-as-you-are party at UBC!